World’s Most Expensive Billiard Cue Sticks

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It’s easy to tell the difference between a $30 pool stick and a $200 pool stick, or a $500 cue and a $1500 cue. But what about a billiard cue stick with an eye-popping price tag of over $40,000?

Cue Sticks for Collectors

  • Wimpy’s Wand. There can only be one good reason a billiard cue stick could carry this much price tag: it’s a collectible. The George Balabushka pool cue owned by world-famous American pool player Luther Lassiter was sold at a mind-blowing price of $45,0000. As many billiards fans already know, Luther Lassiter, nicknamed “Wimpy,” is indubitably the best 9-Ball player in the world. Wimpy lived in the mid-20th century and was a winner of six world championships. This, along with many other titles and his abracadabra in pool halls was what made his pool cue an enviable collector’s item.
  • The Intimidator. Whoever bought his cue must not have actually played in competitions with it and neither must have the one who bought the more expensive pool cue created by McDermott in 1992. Yes, I am talking about the Intimidator Masterpiece Cue crafted by one of the world’s trusted pool cue manufacturers.

From its Obsidian Sphere to its leather tip, this ultimate fantasy cue measures sixty three inches long and took 1,862 man hours to complete or a total of 77.5 days! The Genuine Italian Obsidian and fancy leather tip, however, are not the reasons why it’s dubbed as the ultimate fantasy cue. It’s the intricate inlays and the 9-inch razor sharp winged blades jutting out the sides of its butt that make it look so terrifying, thus the name Intimidator.

The total length of exposed stainless steel blades for the larger 9-inch blades jutting out of the butt near the rear end of the pool cue is 48 inches while the smaller ones near the joint have a total of 13 inches. Made of 46 individual parts that include stainless steel, precious metals, 24K gold and Italian Obsidian, the Intimidator weighs 9 ½ pounds and was sold at $150,000.

Who would want to play with a pool cue this heavy and expensive, not to mention the blades that are so sharp they could literally shred any pool table – and the player’s hands, if he’s unlucky — to pieces! As mentioned earlier, the Intimidator was created as a collector’s item only and was meant to grace a worthy pool hall or a collector’s play room with its blood-curdling, cryptic look. If you want to play pool and play like Wimpy did, get a real pool cue that would allow you hone your skills without cutting your hands or ruining the pool table.

Real Cue Sticks for Real Pool Players

$30 to $200 pool cue sticks are for playing and can be purchased in most reliable online stores. Go check these stores for your favorite pool cue brands like Outlaw Pool Cues or similar pool cues that have both quality and personality. $45,000 to $150,000 cue sticks are for collectors who are crazy enough to pay thousands of dollars for cues they will never ever play with. After all, that’s what these cues are for – collectibles.

by: Lorenza